Bolognese & Co Consulting ServicesBolognese & Co CPA CGA Consulting Services

The following is a list of other finance-related areas in which Bolognese & Co.CPA CGA can either help or recommend relevant businesses:

Insurance Requirement

Ownership usually coincides with insurance needs. All businesses require insurance. Bolognese & Co. CPA CGA studies a client’s current finances and advises on how much insurance a client can afford, monthly or yearly, to always be in good financial standing. When necessary, Silvano can recommend reputable insurance businesses to provide insurance.

Retirement Planning

Anytime and at any age, it is important to ask questions regarding senior and retirement financial standing. Bolognese & Co. CPA CGA examines a client’s financial situation, provides advice on what is necessary, and can recommend reputable life, retirement, and health insurance businesses to use.

Business Planning

Bolognese & Co. CPA CGA is a client’s long-term consultant and one-stop shop to help form businesses from initial idea to conception, register for all government-required permits, maintain financial records and do checks at necessary intervals.  As a consultant-at-hand, Silvano offers services for strategically planning and establishing a business, setting up proposals for financial-support requests, and building a business plan.

Building a Business Plan

  • Devising a mission statement and executive summary
  • Notating your decision for officers, overseers, bookkeepers and lawyers
  • Defining and describing your business in detail, including products and services
  • Analyzing the market and assessing the economic condition of the industry in which
    you do business
  • Determining business cash flow, assets and budgets

Financing Proposal

  • Deciding the amount of financial aid required
  • Determining strategy for payback
  • Choosing the appropriate lending institute
  • Examining current and future cash-flow projections
  • Creating a statement of business financial status and assets (i.e. shares)
  • Checking your credit history

Strategic Planning

  • Organizing new business ideas
  • Deciding the type of business to form (i.e. proprietorship or corporation)
  • Name, license, sales tax, WCB and other government-permit registration
  • Setting up budgets, costs and product and service prices
  • Choosing financial accounts with the appropriate bank (i.e. import and export accounts)
  • Determining company officers, overseers, bookkeepers and lawyers
  • Starting an accounting and bookkeeping system