Bolognese & Co Business TaxesCorporate Year Ends and Tax Returns

  • Corporate Year Ends and Tax Returns
  • Professional advice on minimizing payable taxes
  • Compile/import information
  • Accurately present the activities of the business
  • Verify registration in mandatory government programs
  • Preparation and filing of corporate tax return

Preparation of Financial Statements

Bolognese & Company provides financial statements for many different purposes. In general a financial statement can be produced in one of two different categories depending on the level of reliance that the users have when looking at the information.

The first level is “Notice to Reader”. This type of statement simply means that Bolognese & Company has compiled the information to create the statement. There has been no other means to verify or audit the statements. Users of these types of statements are usually owners/managers and for tax filing purposes.

The second level is “Reviewed Financial Statements”. Under this option, the information is analyzed and checked further for compliance with various rules and regulations as well as specific financial statement standards. Users of this type of statement are investors, associations, and bankers.

Installment Payment Reminders

Scheduling for year-end tax calculations and installment payment reminders simply remind clients of their upcoming year-end tax return filing dates, and next installment payment dates for purchases.

Budget Forecasting

Bolognese & Co. CGA helps clients outline costs, predict revenues, and reserve suitable budget amounts for necessary business activities.