Bolognese & Co PayrollBolognese & Co CPA CGA Payroll Services

Keeping track of everything as a business owner can be challenging; and Payroll is certainly not an exception! Rules are constantly changing, employees come and go, promotions, pay-raises – the list is endless.  Payroll is a perfect example of one of those tasks that you can feel you’re stuck working on your business instead of in your business. That’s where we come in.

Bolognese & Co. CPA CGA creates a file for a client’s personal and company details; with this, it is easy for Silvano to calculate the company payroll, determine the amounts of taxes to deduct and wages payable to employees each month along with payroll slips, produce T4 slips and create Receiver General remittances. You will never have to worry about if it’s done right, if it’s done on time, or any other number of details – we can take care of it all for you.